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The history of Hotel Juwel

In 1996, following the collapse of the healthcare reform, we began to initiate our concept. At that time, good advice came at a price. As a result of the healthcare reform, the Juwel, which only private patients had visited for spa treatment until that time, failed to attract guests.

A new concept for the Juwel had to be found. Franz Austen, marketing specialist, Richard Lumer, hotel trader and then-director of the Johannesbad Group, and the former cruise ship captain Harry Biehl found the solution: “A cruise ship holiday on land”, a service which was not unlike that on-board a cruise ship. This business plan corresponded exactly to the needs of guests in the 2nd half of life.

The necessary conversion activities and advertising campaign soon ensured a full house. The concept was continuously developed by Richard Lumer, and it can be said that the Juwel is the only “senior club hotel” in the German hotel industry. A number of awards followed, including some from the Department of Trade and Industry. Harry Biehl has since retired. Various pictures of ships remind us of his time at Hotel Juwel.

Since January 2015, Hotel Juwel has belonged to the hotel chain „Privathotels Dr. Lohbeck“ .